roamingreader asked:

I just marathon-read Kunoichi and I was incredibly impressed, and so captivated that I went to your Kuno tag and read all the supplemental material. When you discussed the touch in your audio post, the comparison of Britt to a skittered animal kind of made me do a double take, because normally Santana is the one who is scared of touch and comfort (I’m thinking of the “taming” in Jeune’ PDD.)

Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting role reversal, and I was wondering if you could perhaps elaborate on this?

Oh, well, make me blush why don’t you? But seriously, thank you.

I didn’t set out to write a story with that particular role reversal in mind, though I’d been in the fandom long enough to be aware of the trope of Santana being scared and Brittany being emotionally mature.

I do, however, like telling stories that have something unique about them, and the idea of a damaged Brittany intrigued me because it’s not something commonly explored in fic. From there, it took a while for Santana’s character to come into focus, but with Britt being the way she was, I think a more put-together Santana was inevitable.