starlitblues said: If you and someone else were the only people alive on earth, who would you pick the other person to be?

I can’t name a particular person at the moment, but in the grand scheme of things…

Someone who’s super smart and funny, someone who knows what the inside of a gym looks like (muscle definition gets serious bonus points in my book), someone who loves riding motorcycles, someone who’s spent some time getting to know themselves and what they want out of life.

Non-selfish justifications:

  • smart, so we can have something to talk about while working on figuring out parthenogenesis together
  • funny, so we wouldn’t kill each other
  • fit, because being the only ones alive means we’d have to do some heavy lifting
  • motorcycles, because they’re the best transportation during an apocalypse
  • self-reflection, because I need to keep my sanity

… and all this because we’d want to repopulate the earth, right? Right? At least we’d have fun trying!